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Hello! My name is Serhiy, and I’m an author of this blog. I’ve been working as a software developer for seven years and have rich experience in website building.

My main competence is Front-End development, but I’ve worked on Back-End and Mobile applications as well.

I was involved in the development of plenty of MVPs and enterprise projects. Some were successful, and some were not, but all of them were useful either way, so I learned many things by doing this job.

This blog is my own project where I can help technical and non-technical people, and eventually, anyone who struggles with websites and web technologies by sharing the experience I gained throughout my career.

And last but not least it’s a place where I can learn new skills and get new knowledge.

I’m happy to have you here so we can go through this journey together!

P.S. If you want to be friends on social media here’s my LinkedIn. You can also follow the blog profiles listed on the Contact page.